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Fund medical equipment, research and wellbeing programs for Monash Health patients and their families. Together we can imagine a healthier future for our community.
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Have you had an experience at Monash Health that has influenced your life? By sharing your Monash Health story you can make a difference. Register now, tell your story, and collect donations to support better health in our community. Give your friends and family the opportunity to support your Monash Health journey.

Whether you are a Monash Health staff member, patient, or family/friend we need your help to raise $1 million through the Imagine1000 campaign. 

1000 Stories

Be one of the first 1000 people to share their Monash Health story. Just click the button below to get started!

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Collect donations online, or fundraise in your community to make a difference in the lives of Monash Health staff, patients and their families.

1000 Hours

From the time you register the clock is ticking! You have exactly 1000 hours, to raise $1,000 for Monash Health. 

Together we can imagine a healthier future...

Imagine the difference $1 million dollars can make!

A chance to say thank you

If you have been a Monash Health patient or know a family or friend who has received care from our services why not use this opportunity to say 'thank you'? Monash Health staff work tirelessly to give their patients the best chance to live a healthy life. You can support medical staff in delivering exceptional outcomes, through your fundraising efforts.  

Supporting healthier futures for patients

At Monash Health we strive to deliver the best possible care to people in times when they need it most. Your fundraising efforts make this possible, providing the resources needed to reach new frontiers in healthcare.

​Through research we seek improved treatments and search for cures. Through the latest medical equipment and technology we can improve treatment options and health outcomes. And through staff development we can deliver healthier futures to people like you. We need your help to go above and beyond - to fund research, equipment and staff development.... to imagine a healthier future. 

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