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1.5 million people are touched by our health care every year at seven hospitals and through multiple community programs. Monash Children's, Casey, and Dandenong Hospitals, and Packenham, Cranbourne and Kingston Centres are all part of the Monash Health umbrella.

​In every aspect of our work, we aim to deliver better health outcomes to our community. We imagine a future in which people can live healthy lives, free from the burden of sickness or disease.  Your fundraising efforts will take healthcare to the next level - to go above and beyond for patients. 

The Monash Health Foundation is the fundraising department of Monash Health. The dedicated fundraising team is here to help you make a difference. The Imagine1000 challenge is a Monash Health Foundation initiative. Visit monashhealthfoundation.org to find out more about other fundraising initiatives. 


We hear so many incredible staff and patient stories from people like you, every single day. We meet people on the most challenging and rewarding journeys of their lives. Imagine1000 is an opportunity to harness the power of these stories to make a difference, and help others on their journey to better health.

Good health is everything. With your fundraising support Monash Health can deliver the best possible health outcomes to people just like you. If 1000 people, raise $1000 each, together we will raise $1 million.

Will you be one in 1000? Accept the Imagine1000 challenge today!

The Monash Health Community

Monash Health patients

Imagine a healthier future

1.5 million people access Monash Health's services every year from all around Victoria. We are constantly inspired by the bravery and resilience of children and adults who need our medical help. Your fundraising helps secure vital equipment, key services and programs that would not otherwise be possible without financial support.

Monash Health staff

Dedicated to delivering exceptional care

Over 17,000 dedicated people deliver Monash Health's services. From hospital chefs and cleaners, to surgeons and nurses - Monash Health staff members work around the clock to provide better health opportunities to over 1.5 million people every single year. You may be one of these incredible staff members or you may decide to fundraise to further support Monash Health staff. Either way, we are helping each other for better health in our communities. 

Monash Health Foundation

Helping you to make a difference

The Monash Health Foundation is the fundraising department of Monash Health. The passionate group of fundraising professionals are dedicated to helping you make a difference across the Monash Health service. Funds that come to the Monash Health Foundation are distributed to the hospital areas of most need including; medical equipment, research and staff development. 

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We're here for you

If you need help reaching your Imagine1000 goal, or have any questions, our friendly Monash Health Foundation fundraising team is here to help. Just call (03) 9594 2700 or email foundation@monashhealth.org. We are a group of passionate fundraising professionals who want to ensure you can make the biggest impact possible in the lives of Monash Health staff, patients, and their families. We look forward to hearing from you soon!